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7 Comments on “Download”

  1. […] a free alpha version out now, which supports LAN play only at present. Online support is planned for the near-future, but in the […]

  2. shanjay says:

    You can use hamachi to play it online 🙂

  3. bob mcboberbob says:

    Standing by for linux release.

  4. […] Download Neocolonialism: A Game of Global Financial Ruin […]

  5. pcacblog says:

    This is great stuff. You cover similar issues to me in my blog POLITIC, CULTURE & CRITIQUE

  6. […] Most games have you saving the world and stopping the bad guy, but in Neocolonialism you’re the bad guy. A political powerhouse whose view of the world is literally inverted. The goal of this dark little strategy game is to fill your Swiss bank account and ruin the world. To do that you grab free-trade agreements, buy politicians, and control the IMF. There are no armies to control. It’s the political version of the Screwtape Letters. You can play a free version of it here. […]

  7. […] the IMF in your bid to become the globe’s number one arsehole. You can play a free version of it here, or simply seek a job in the financial services […]

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