0.8.4 Release: “I hate stupid robots”

Download here.

Major changes include:

  • Many, many bug fixes.
  • The AI is way less stupid

On Saturday, September 22nd, I will be demoing Neocolonialism as a finalist at the Boston Festival for Indie Games showcase. If you are attending, you should totally stop by my booth so we can swap secret lentil soup recipes and be best friends.* I will also have a signup sheet for the upcoming beta release.

On Monday, September 24th, I will be giving a talk at Boston Indies about educational games. Hope to see you there too!

*I don’t know any lentil soup recipes. But I do like lentil soup.

***Edit 9/21/12***

v 0.8.4b release! Many bugs have been fixed that I missed on the first go-around.

3 Comments on “0.8.4 Release: “I hate stupid robots””

  1. I Don't Know What Perestroika Is says:

    ooo, lentil soup recipes. i has inherited some.

  2. I also hate stupid robots. You are not alone 😦

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