Steam Greenlight: One Week Later

What a week it has been for Neocolonialism! Thousands of visitors to the Greenlight page, hundreds to this blog, tens of downloads, squillions of comments about the map being upside down. Much thanks to the many people who have commented here and on its Greenlight page. With a little (or maybe more than a little) luck, this project could really become something.

Highlights from the week include:

This amazing article on Killscreen!

Donations happened! Wow!

And my favorite comments from the Steam Greenlight page:

  • Southern Gentleman: “Looks like an economist’s wet dream, not mine though, not nearly enough banana hammocks.”
  • bosspatrone: “I’ll buy this game just because of the entertainment value I’ve gotten from all of the “world is upside-down” posts.”
  • RangerGxi: “*Is ardent capitalist… *Whatever, +1”
  • Yando the Man: “I’ll buy this like 3 times whether it’s on steam or not, make it”

Again, much thanks to the amazingly positive response!

Several players have (extremely helpfully) informed me of bugs present in the game. Such is the life of a game in its alpha-infancy, but expect a patch within a week or two.

One Comment on “Steam Greenlight: One Week Later”

  1. Ann Kaufman says:

    Certainly am most impressed. Keep up your great creativity. and exposure.
    Grandmom & Granddad

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