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0.8.3b Release: “Crisis and Recovery”

Just a small fix to correct a couple of minor bugs and a game-stopping one. Functionality is GREAT!

Download here. I’m back to using mediafire instead of because as far as I can tell, the former doesn’t have any bandwidth restrictions, but the latter does.


0.8.4b (Windows Alpha Release)

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0.8.3 Release: “I once went out on a date with a pure cybernetic conscious and awoke the next morning with a headache”

Download here.

Yet another big release. Changes include:

  • AI opponents! Now, you don’t even need friends to bring the world to financial ruin.
  • A proper pre-game lobby screen.
  • A lot of background technical changes

Read the included “Version History” document for a (mostly) complete list of changes.

This release is (as far as I can tell) vastly less buggy than those before it, and much closer to a feature-complete beta. I’ve got sixteen monkeys working out the public Internet problem right now.

On Thursday, August 30th, Steam Greenlight comes out, and I hope to put my project on there then. Neocolonialism on Steam would be a wonderful, wonderful thing, so get ready to vote if you have an account!

The robot capitalists will kill us all

Not an update, but a prelude to one.

The game now has some simple AI. I need to implement a UI that will let you toggle AI players on or off, but for now the AI players can run through a game by themselves.

For various oddities in the code, the game updates the graphics of only certain things if there are only AI players… and it does so really fast. Hence the weird screenshot of a fully-autonomous Neocolonialism:

0.8.2 release: “Reconnecting with old friends is my favorite hobby”

Download here.

Finally solved various lingering issues.

  • If you disconnect from games, you can now reconnect. And the rest of the game will be cool about your abrupt departure.
  • The game now supports multiple languages. I currently have the finest minds in the world on translation duty.
  • Various bugs introduced in the past release have been squashed.
  • And more. See the Version History pdf.

The game is (dare I say it?) approaching a feature-complete beta. There is an AI in the works, and the plan to bequeath it public Internet is now more than just a dream.

0.8.1 Release!

Hello Galaxy,

This took longer than expected, but I have here for you the 0.8.1 release. Download it here.

Version numbers are funny phenomenons, especially if you’re a one-person team that doesn’t need a tremendous amount of organizational strategies. The jump from 0.7 to 0.8 is meant to reflect the tremendous technical changes, and to make me feel better about throwing so much time at it.

Major features:

  • Most Regions have less open slots to develop.
  • Clearer interface for trade deals
  • Some framerate improvements
  • And a lot of background changes to the code

Right now, you probably won’t notice those background changes because they merely replicate what the game could already do. However, they have paved the way towards a more glorious future, and will eventually help accommodate the implementation of public Internet support and solve other networking issues.

To accommodate the changes, most of the non-UI code had to be rewritten. The result will work better in the future, and tends to work better now, since it is more simple. However, since so much of it is fresh, expect a host of new bugs too.